Want to learn something new and develop yourself, but want to do it without restrictive campus visits? If so, you are like me, and this is the blog for you!

Hi, I’m Anja. I have two bachelor’s degrees. The first one I earned from a “traditional” bachelor’s program where we studied on campus. The second one I was able to earn while working full-time and living far away from the school -thanks to online education!

You may have a job, a family, a home in the middle of nowhere, or you may be in a hospital… There are many reasons, why people don’t want to or simply cannot attend on campus classes even though the desire to learn exists. Luckily, there are alternative study possibilities online. I was stunned to realize, how much you can actually learn online! Now, it is time for me to help you find all these possibilities. I’m focusing mainly on subjects that can be useful in the business world. You will also hear stories and opinions from my studies. Having had two very different study experiences have given me an insight on the pros and cons of both worlds and I’m excited to share them with you! This is not just a list of courses. This is a collection of possibilities found online together with interesting experiences from peer online students.

Eager to learn more? You can start by reading this post on Mindfulness.

I’m thrilled to have you as a reader!