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The dreaded task of pricing -where to start?

Pricing your products may be one of the most daunting tasks you face as an entrepreneur. That being said, there are a lot of resources online you can use to get started. Challenges of pricing You want to cover the… Continue Reading →

Remember your ”why” -even during crisis

Every time you plan a new project, think about your reasons for starting that project. No matter whether your project is finding a new job, enrolling in a degree program, starting a company, or whatever, you should think about your… Continue Reading →

What nobody tells you about building social media businesses

Write a few words a week, and you have a blogging business.Take a picture of your morning breakfast, and you have an Instagram business.Film yourself during a normal school day, and you have a vlogging business.Building a social media business… Continue Reading →

Non-traditional learning increases your competence

You learn something every day. It can be a totally new skill or fact. Or, it can be learning by repetition, which enforces your skills on something familiar. In both cases, non-traditional learning (i.e., something learned outside school and work)… Continue Reading →

Quality presentation slides guarantee the audience’s attention

Online presentations come with unique difficulties. A quality presentation guarantees the attention of the audience. Catching the audience’s attention requires visually exciting and appealing slides, videos, and other presentation materials. Let’s break these slides down. First, let’s look at this… Continue Reading →

Experiencing the beginning of school stress? -you’re not alone!

Have you started to study this fall? Have you experienced stress or problems because of all the arrangements and new things? If so, this post is for you! Back to school for me I starter in an MBA-program a couple… Continue Reading →

Big Life Roadmap – on the way to achieving everything you deserve to have

In my opinion, it’s vital for all of us to do some self-examination every now and then. If you don’t ever stop to think about your wellbeing, your dreams, your habits, etc., you’ll easily get trapped in a life that… Continue Reading →

What NOT to do during a video meeting -9 tips to ensure a smooth online meeting experience

Frustrated with unfunctional online meetings? We all need a reminder of these 9 things we shouldn’t do during a video meeting.

4 More pros and cons of studying online

There have been so many requests to write about the pros and cons of studying online that I decided to write another post around this topic.

Harvard Business School Online: Global Business course -thoughts after the course

Last year, I took the Global Business course from Harvard Business School Online (HBS Online). In this post, I share my experiences, so if you are thinking about enrolling in the Global Business course, keep reading!

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