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Experiencing the beginning of school stress? -you’re not alone!

Have you started to study this fall? Have you experienced stress or problems because of all the arrangements and new things? If so, this post is for you! Back to school for me I starter in an MBA-program a couple… Continue Reading →

How to be an efficient online student?

Feel like you are struggling with being an efficient online student? Cannot concentrate at home? Don’t know who to ask for help? I believe all online students face somewhat same problems. However, since you are studying online, you may not… Continue Reading →

What NOT to do during a video meeting -9 tips to ensure a smooth online meeting experience

Frustrated with unfunctional online meetings? We all need a reminder of these 9 things we shouldn’t do during a video meeting.

4 More pros and cons of studying online

There have been so many requests to write about the pros and cons of studying online that I decided to write another post around this topic.

Harvard Business School Online: Global Business course -thoughts after the course

Last year, I took the Global Business course from Harvard Business School Online (HBS Online). In this post, I share my experiences, so if you are thinking about enrolling in the Global Business course, keep reading!

How to choose between the thousands of online course creators?

The costs of online courses vary between $0 and thousands of dollars. No matter who the creator of the course is they can charge as much for it as they wish. If they feel that a one-hour course is worth $5000, they can charge that much. It is up to the customer to decide if they are willing to pay that much.

Cheating in online education -it starts before getting accepted in a program and continues even after graduation

Experiences on how students cheat in online education.

Better time management for online students -the 2 most important steps

Are you an online student having problems with time management? Is it hard for you to get everything done on courses? Is it hard to meet the deadlines? Do you feel you are working hard, but don’t see the results?… Continue Reading →

13 pros and cons of studying online

Ever thought about studying an online degree? Wondering what are the pros and cons? Keep reading and I’ll tell you, what people who have already tried online study possibilities think about the pros and cons. I have quite a lot… Continue Reading →

How to find online courses? 13 search words to help you discover more online study options

Have you tried to look for online courses, but couldn’t find anything that would interest you? Perhaps, you felt that the selection of online study possibilities isn’t as wide as you have thought -and hoped. If this sounds familiar, I’ve… Continue Reading →

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