You learn something every day. It can be a totally new skill or fact. Or, it can be learning by repetition, which enforces your skills on something familiar. In both cases, non-traditional learning (i.e., something learned outside school and work) increases your competence.

What to ask yourself when listing non-traditional learning experiences?

When you think about your skills, don’t just think about the “official” skills you have learned in school or work.

  • What have you learned from your hobbies? In your everyday life?
  • Have you been volunteering?
  • Are you involved in a non-profit organization?
  • Are you politically active?
  • Do you read books, magazines, etc., or watch videos about a topic that could help you land a new job?
  • Have you attended conferences or webinars?
  • Have you been practicing something by yourself?
  • Do you have a house? What have you learned by taking care of that?


I’m pretty sure you get the idea.

Don’t limit your thinking about non-traditional learning

Typically, many of the skills you learn in your everyday life, or non-traditional ways are so self-evident to you that you don’t realize how much you can.

We all have different skillsets, and none of us can list every single activity in our resumes. That being said, all of us learn something every day, and it is worth it to go through your life and list your competencies mindfully. Don’t be too modest. You don’t need to show your list to anyone.

Once you are done listing everything, go through your list and think what skills could be needed in the job you are hoping to land. Be proud of your achievements, but please remember that no recruiter is interested in a long list of irrelevant skills.

Tell your story clearly

Above all, remember that no one else can tell your story. You need to connect the dots so that even the most unexpected and bizarre events in your life make sense to others. The unique decisions you have made make you you. However, the thoughts behind the decisions and the positive outcomes are not always clear to others. So, spend some time reflecting on the picture you paint in the recruiters’ heads.

In addition, it would be great if you could help others come up with skills they may have never thought about listing in their resumes! So, please, comment down below what are some of your non-traditional learning experiences.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I am writing from my own experience as an online learner and from my own point of view. The opinions expressed in this post are subjective.