A while ago, I started a Learn by Doing -series on this blog. I was going to share some struggles I have encountered when building by-product education. However, I quickly realized that I had already forgotten some of the problems I’ve had when starting a blog. And, more specifically, the amount of time and energy I’ve spent resolving them!

Starting fresh with a new blog

That is why I decided to start another blog called Made by Birgitta.

Made by Birgitta is a blog + YouTube channel about creative projects. Because I think that videos work well with creative projects, I decided to add the YouTube channel.

Both of them are almost empty at this point; I’ve only posted one tutorial:

I simply want to share the whole journey because that’s what I would have wanted to read about when I started my first blog.

I will keep Made by Birgitta as a creative blog and share the learning curves of blogging on this by-product education blog because this one is about developing yourself and learning new skills.

What works for me may not work for you

The idea is not that all of you should build a blog around this topic. This is just an example. You may have other hobbies and expertise that you want to display in the digital world.

As a matter of fact, the idea is not even that all of you should build a blog in the first place. I think that blogs and websites can be powerful portfolios/CVs since you can add text, images, videos, audio, etc. However, you may want to choose to start e.g. a podcast. It is entirely up to you! However, I’m using a blog/YouTube-combo as an example.

Why start a blog in 2022?

Many of the skills you learn in work or online cannot be properly seen in your resume. All the professional literature you read, seminars you attend, and documentaries you watch are often left out of CVs.

Therefore, posting examples of projects you’ve done, reviews of books you’ve read, key takeaways from courses you have taken, etc., on a blog helps you demonstrate your skills and knowledge. This is especially important when you try to change your career and don’t yet have a lot of work experience.

Blogs and websites can be powerful portfolios/CVs.

Choose your niche before you start a blog

Before doing anything else, define your niche.

  • What are you posting about?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the purpose of your blog (or website or podcats or YouTube channel…)?

You can choose a broad niche like I chose for Made by Birgitta: “all things creative: inspirational pictures, tips, tricks, and tutorials on both physical and digital creations.”.

Or you can choose a more specific niche like stamped images for Christmas cards. But, again, these are just examples.

Pros and cons of different blog niches

You may have more post ideas if you start with a broad niche. You may also have a wider audience because your content will appeal to more people. A broad niche is also easier to experiment with since you can post about different topics and see which ones get more attention.

On the other hand, a broad niche might make it hard for you to grow your loyal audience because people do not know what you’ll be posting next time. Your next eight posts may not be interesting to people who have found you, and therefore, you may quickly lose their interest.

Share your journey

Whatever niche you choose and whatever format you choose, I’d love to hear about your journey, so please, share it! Comment down below.

And, as always, have fun learning!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I am writing from my own experience and my own point of view. The opinions expressed in this post are subjective.