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How to choose between the thousands of online course creators?

The costs of online courses vary between $0 and thousands of dollars. No matter who the creator of the course is they can charge as much for it as they wish. If they feel that a one-hour course is worth $5000, they can charge that much. It is up to the customer to decide if they are willing to pay that much.

Freezing up when giving speeches? Here’s what you can do to improve your presentation skills!

If you feel anxious before giving presentations, if you get sweaty and shaky hands when giving speeches, or if you feel you could improve your presentations even though you manage to get through them, this post is for you! You… Continue Reading →

9 resources for learning Excel; How to make your days easier?

Many of us have a difficult relationship with Microsoft Excel, but how to get the most out of it? Excel is a program that is used in many work places for inventories, calculating, accounting, creating charts, creating tables, organizing data,… Continue Reading →

TED Conferences has published a survey on LinkedIn

Great news! If you follow TED Conferences on LinkedIn, you may have noticed that they have published a survey on Lifelong Learning Courses! They want to know a bit more about what kinds of courses (e.g. price range) you would… Continue Reading →

Everybody benefits from project management skills -you are not an exception!

I would argue that all business schools recognize the importance of knowing how to manage projects in working life. They can be group projects or they can be projects that you are solely responsible for. Either way, projects are a… Continue Reading →

How to find online courses? 13 search words to help you discover more online study options

Have you tried to look for online courses, but couldn’t find anything that would interest you? Perhaps, you felt that the selection of online study possibilities isn’t as wide as you have thought -and hoped. If this sounds familiar, I’ve… Continue Reading →

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