Welcome to my blog!

In this blog I discuss online learning possibilities and everything that comes with that topic. You can learn almost anything online but in this blog I’m focusing on subjects that can be useful in the business world.

You will nowadays hear about lifelong learning in most work places. Online courses and programs offer a great opportunity to develop yourself even if you don’t have the possibility to attend traditional courses. Now that many of us face social isolation due to COVID-19, many of us also want to find new things to do at home. What a great time to start studying online!

I believe there are thousands of courses you can take online, and the number of choices increase constantly.  And yet, I feel that only a fraction of this possibility is utilized. Schools, for various reasons, do not offer online education as much as they could. At the same time, potential students do not know about the choices offered. This is something I want to change.

Online education is not just a future trend, it’s already here. Let’s explore these opportunities together!